Lovely quotes for a friend

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I walked all my way down the streets with just my shadow to follow me. The moment you came my way, my shadow lost its long adorned status of being my companion for eternity.
~Golda Jefferson

Troubles were part and parcel of my life until you came. But your most sincere love and care showed the exit door to troubles.
~Jacqueline James

The canvas of my life is filled with the brightest and loveliest colors. Dear friend, thanks for being the artist who threw all those amazing hues in my life and making it a picture truly beautiful.
~Grace Patterson

Whenever I am with you, I
have a feeling that I am dancing joyously in the midst of the prettiest flowers in the world. The happiness I experience when you are with me is matchless.
~Liz Vaseline

The treasure of true friendship was nothing more than a myth for me until I found you. The love you shower on me makes my life simply a superb feast.
~Amelia Hughes

Friends make moments really lively and special. The small coffee chats with you have been moments livelier than ever. The strolls we have had together count to me as the most special moments.
~Margaret Paul

Is your life a playground of problems and worries? Grab the trophy of solace from that very special friend of yours. Nothing can give you peace like an understanding and caring friend.
~Jennie Stevens

Even a ride in a fully packed bus can be amazing if you are my companion in the journey. You make even the most difficult thing in life simple and light like a feather.
~Diana Hayden

I have always feared the dark like death in the corner. I have always trembled at the sight of my ferocious enemies. But the light your friendship shed in my life makes me a courageous warrior standing upright, facing bravely the worst of my enemies in utmost darkness.
~Laura John

The alluring beaches did not have the beauty I sought for. The charming flowers did not have the sweetness I craved for. Your heart has it all, even beyond all my expectations.
~Jessica Herbert

A wake up call from your best friend makes the entire day perfect. It is just an amazing feeling, better than the brightest sunshine.
~Linda Alexander

I can trust none but a true friend like you. Even the fear of getting beheaded would not let my secrets escape from you.
~Molly Calvin

Like an angel, you have been my shield all through the years since we met. With you around, I have the assurance that not even a word can cause harm to me.
~Claire Owen

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