Passionate love quotes for loved ones

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I will lay everything down for you, my love, my preciousness, do you know that once a man finds a treasure he will do anything to keep it safe. My darling, you are that treasure.
~ Markus Johnson

Oh how sweet you are, when you speak my heart melts, you blind me to the uttermost with those amazing eyes. You overwhelm me with emotions because you're my source of love.
~ Angeline Gordon

Love is a beautiful thing that happens in one of the most unexpected manners. Once the couple who has been away since they were little kids, grow up and meet, that's when life starts.
~ Carol Pitt

When I love you, I need
you, when you're away, I'm like a motherless child, Looking for that safe place. The look on your eyes, your presence is my safe place even if it was in the midst of problems and confusions.
~ John Coz

The moment real love is united is when life starts flowing inside the hearts of the couple deep down to their deepest soul to nourish and feed the souls thirst for a life-giving food. Just as a hamster dies without it's partner, I shall die without you my love.
~ Charlie Morgins

How amazing to have that one person, that I shall look after and they look after me, for all the days of my life. For it is the greatest gift that was ever given to me, the gift that I cannot resist but to stare at every moment of your presence around me, it satisfies me, that gift is you.
~ Martha Bariel

I'm lost without you just like a sinking lady, Because if love was an ocean I'd be sinking deep without breath. You're my fountain to get drunk on love. A simple thank you for your existence is never enough.
~ Mary Gordon

Beautiful words are here below:
How great it is to have love in the world, Love is the source of all goodness. Love is what gets people to give up pride, Love is what penetrates the heart of men. Love is the greatest thing on earth, it is better than money. Love is better than food, better than possessions and glory. Love in itself is glorious, Love is the reason we wake up in the morning with passion and motivation in our hearts to live, Love is the greatest gift men could ever have. This is the reason you have changed me, Because you overwhelmed me with love.
~ Gary Karl

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