11 Super cute love quotes

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Check out these 11 super cute love quotes which can melt anyone's heart. These super sweet love lines can make your crush fall in love with you in a heartbeat. These are the sweetest things a person could ever say to you.
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1. You know the joys that fill my heart with a song and you instinctively know, when I silently cry out to you. You know my every waking thought and my words even before I speak. You complete my sentences. No one knows and understands me the way you do,and there's nothing I treasure more, than the way you love me.
- Daisy Ramsey

2. I want nothing more than
your love, that speaks to me quietly in so many different ways. Filling my life, my heart, my soul, my being, with this indescribable feeling,that is beyond love.
- Laura Bergman

3. I have married you a million times in my head, since that day you told me you love me. I want you to know that all I am worth, is right here in front of me. All that I live for is you and I will still marry you everyday,over and over again, for the rest of our lives.
- Suzanne Daniels

4. Since the day I met you, everything about you felt so right! I found myself letting you into my deepest secrets unknown to any soul, my deepest longings and desires that lay unfulfilled in my heart. You gave me such confidence in you and planted a seed in my heart, on that warm sunny day,that I will always live to remember.
-Stephanie Mosley

5. Being with you has filled my heart with so much love! I am deeply fulfilled just lying here next to you, savoring each moment that we share. We have gone through so much together,and there is no one more deserving that I want to share the rest of my life with.
-Joan Kingston

How to use these quotes?

Using them via text messages is just one way. There are several other ways to use these super cute love quotes. You could memorize these quotes and on a date without sounding unnatural just say these words. It could make the moment really impressive in the eyes of your partner.
Another way to use these quotes is to send them as a letter. At places just use your partners name and fill them out completely. Make it look and sound authentic and original. That will take your partners breathe away.
These are just 2 ways. Comment below and tell us what other ways we can use these quotes and we will include it in this post with your name on it.

6. Honey your tender smile, your love, your presence has filled my life with so much joy. My night has turned into day since that day I met you! I do not want to be anywhere else, than here with you. I love you so much.
-Clare Ramsey

7. You have made me whole, since the day I found you. You have unlocked the deepest places in my heart. Surely my heart was created just for you.
-Lorna Donahue

8. I am so lost and mesmerized in your world! My every waking moment is spent thinking of you. I surrender my heart to you from this moment on.
-Linda Holt

9. In my simple mind, words do not come easy,when I want to tell you how much you mean to me. For my love for you streams like a river through my soul. You are my everything and forever is not long enough for me to be with you.
-Kelly Lambert

10. Every moment away from you is a reminder of the things I love about you. Your gentle gaze, your tender smile, your infectious laughter,your rumbling voice and your gentle kisses that take me to another world. I miss you so much!
-Darlene Dandle

11. Love is when you find your self smiling silently, your indescribable memories that you hold dear to you filling your mind. Memories shared by two souls intertwined in their love.
-Kate Pearson

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