Cute things to talk about on your first date

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The first date is a critical time when you can either make or break the relationship and your impression. One of these tips will also help you score the second date automatically. Read on:

7. Dreams and aspirations:
There is nothing better than to meet a person who has a passion life already. Be genuine and speak about your love for music, reading, sports or whatever else that you like and are good at. At the
same time make sure you ask and know what your date likes. Just blabbering about your aspirations and how you hope to become a pompous DJ someday is not going to help a lot.

6. Speak about the interesting friends in your life:
That will show the person that you are someone social and make sure that you speak good about your friends. You don't want to come across as someone who back bites their friends. Speak about funny situations that you and your friends have encountered or how one of your friends got married and you were there to help them with all the preparations etc.
Couple on an iland date
Couple on a beautiful date

5. Laugh and make it humorous:
Not many prefer to have a serious conversation on their first date. Make the conversation light hearted and keep it cool. Discussing things which may make them jump on the defence is not a great idea. If you don't have an idea, read up some clean funny jokes or situations over the internet and check out what sounds natural. Don't go over the top or make it sound unrealistic or practised, just play it cool.

4. Share your personal experiences in as they speak:
As they speak with you and tell you about different things, share your own mindset and thoughts with them. Tell them what you think and the things that you have noticed in your own life.

3. Appreciate and compliment:
If at times you do not know what to say, compliment them if you like what they are wearing or their hairstyle or accessory. The key here is to make it sincere and genuine. People can identify fake words pretty quickly even if they don't say it out loud to you.

2. Score the second date with this question:
Speak about any famous place around the city or the location that you two meet. Ask them if they have been there and gauge whether they like that place. Then if you like the place too then suggest that Tell them you had a good time that you two should meet at that place next time. Congratulation! With that simple sentence you've scored any other date.

1. That little extra effort:
People like to know that you are interested in them. So if you genuinely like the person then tell them that you will call them / text them. This will make them feel wanted and they'll know that you care about them.

$. Pay the bill:
Nothing shows off a gentleman more than a person who pays the bill. It shows that you are a responsible person and that you are generous and chivalrous. That's about it. A few more things that you could talk about are school, teachers, parents, friends, video games, shopping, popular news etc.

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