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Love is a beautiful feeling. Check out these pictures dedicated to quotes about love.
Love quotes, lovely sayings
This is what I hope you do. I hope you think about me every time and think how good I am and how perfect we are together. I hope you think about me and it brings a smile on your face just like it does on mine.
Cute images of penguins
 This is just one of the things that reminds me of how
cute our relationship is. I hope we remain the same every day. I hope that romance and cuteness surrounds us and fills our life with untold happiness.
Beautiful love quotes, I want to be your last
 That is so true. We all have a past and that is not where we live which is why I don't really care what it is. I love you for who you are now and I don't want to change a thing about you because you are perfect in my eyes.
Love texts
 Lol. That is totally me. I dream about you and think about you so much and when I'm not doing that I'm reading those texts that make me laugh, grin or simply smile while walking into anything that comes in my way. Ouch!
Hug quotes
 When I am happy and when I am sad. When I am good, bored or bad, that is the best place for me...your loving hug.
Fairy tale quotes
Even though there are problems and things that make us sad and unhappy the happy fairytale times make it all worthwhile. That is what I live for.
Love quotes, romantic sayings
Because love in my dictionary lasts forever.
Lovely pictures and images
And many of the times in between. You are my favorite person on the planet.
Love a person quotes
When things don't seem to go the way you plan them, I will be there to console and love you as always.
It leads me to you, picture love quotes
Because you are all I see in my heart everyday and I hope love stays the same for us forever.

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