Cutest True Love Quotes for 2015

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1. If you go to search you may not find it because true love needs to exist in your heart. You cannot just create it out of thin air because it needs time, understanding, happiness, fights, quarrels, forgiveness and ultimately undying love.

2. True love happens when you can say things and find them funny when no one else does, when you can be silent and still find love, when you come to that person and find home in them.

3. All the dates, the presents
and other things will mean nothing if there is no true love that exists between the couple. True love is the comfort and knowing I the heart that you can do anything for the other person.

4. True love is a deep friendship that people find in the other person. It is something beautiful and you should not settle for anything lesser than that. Work harder to make it work and bring in more reasons to fall in love.

5. True love is the reason why you hold on to a relationship when you feel that everything is broken. It is the reason why you understand, forgive and forget about the bad things and choose to see good in the other person.

6. When you get goosebumps and butterflies in your stomach at the mere thought of mention of your lover. When you let go of petty things to create something bigger and long lasting, you've found true love.

7. To go through this life, you will need true love. You will need it to shine brightly when there are rumors and haters. To fight those who don't want your relationship to last - that is when it will carry you through.

8. You don't need to change a thing about you when you are in a true relationship. It is as though things have just won the lottery or found something precious. It is the most beautiful feeling you can ever find.

9. Once your pursuit in true love is complete and you finally find the treasure you will have more happiness, joy, goodness and love in your life. So strive to find it with all your heart.

Need to fall in love once again? Here are some tips to increase it:

1. Humor is one of the best medicines because it is easy to like people who make others laugh. There are so many resources all over the internet to help you with that.
2. Find things to talk about and have conversations that make your loved one comfortable to hang around with you.
3. There will be small quarrels, disagreements and fights in the relationship but be understanding and you don't have to always have the last word. Let them win sometimes, after all its a give and take.
4. Finally, check within your heart if this relationship is for you and if you should invest all your time. It is tempting to get scared and think that you may never fall in love. But don't give up because there are billions of people and if you are a genuine person love will find its way through to your heart.

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