Valentines day quotes for 2017

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From the day I met you, you've captured my mind,
like a precious ornament, you're the perfect find.
Even when I think or dream, I always imagine you,
you're a big part of my life, I really need you.
So finally with courage I want to ask this time,
please my darling, will you be my Valentine?

Valentines day is like a can't celebrate it without spreading a lot of love to the one who matters the most. That is why I celebrate this day with you. Happy Valentines day my love.

I know a lot of beautiful
faces but none have a beautiful heart like you. All of that reflects on your lips when you smile so brightly. I truly love you my dear Valentine.

This world has so many people just like the millions of constellations. But out of those billions of entities you are my brightest star and I love you with all my heart.

I still remember the look in your beautiful eyes when you saw me for the very first time. This Valentines day I want to love you so much more to brighten that glow in your eyes.

I'm not famous or rich, I don't drive a fancy car,
but still your love makes me feel like a superstar.
Can't believe someone so beautiful is now mine,
my heart is the happiest because of you my Valentine!
Like a gift from the tooth fairy, you are a gift which has brought so much happiness in my life. No wonder even the most expensive gift feels inadequate, all I have to offer is love.

You are the princess in my ordinary world. You bring happiness and wonder in my life when things seem to be boring. You are the best part of my life.

I don't own several things but I now know that even though I don't have a lot all I need is one thing - You! Happy Valentines day.

Valentine day ideas
Its a beautiful day when love is in the air and even the malls look like they have all dressed up. Here are some ways to fill even more love in your February 14th.
1. Write some personalized poems or quotes. This one is easy because you can pick one from this page and then simply add your Valentines name to it.

2. Watch the sunrise or the sunset together or go out on a natures trail.

3. Candle light dinner is an obvious one but you can also go do some adventure sports stuff which will be adrenalin pumping. At the end you can bring that excitement back into the person.

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