10 Sweet things to tell your better half

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You're the type of person who can make anyone look good. With you I feel the beauty in everything that I do, plus you're sweet which makes you my perfect match.
~ Sweet things to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend.

2. Though our tastes are different and sometimes we go on different directions you are the one who completes me. Without you I would be like a Romeo looking for my Juliet.

3. The best thing about you and me
is that you're my first and I think I'll never need anyone else in my life. You fit perfectly with me and I can't hide the smile from my face whenever I think of you.

4. Almost like Ebola your smile and cuteness is really contagious. It spreads to me within no time even when I am tired or angry or upset. You make my life so much more better.

5. I had a massive crush on you even before you knew it and now that we are together I feel like I am floating in my dreams. Its true because I used dream of having you in my life...its now come true.

6. Its not just the way you say you love me but also your actions which tell me how much you love me. Every little thing you do for me is etched in my memory.

7. I was having a bad day and nothing seemed to be going alright. But then you texted me and I began to think of all the nice times we've had. It made me smile and it changed my day. Thanks.

8. You bring happiness on a lonely day and brighten everything that exists in my life. No wonder then that I've been more happy with you than I have been all my life.

9. The sweetest thing you can do is...nothing. You don't need to do anything because just by being in my life you have given me so much more than I could ask for. I love you!

10. When you are not around me I long for you to get back to me and though we are countries apart I hope someday we can be together and never have to say goodbye.

My date and me (Personal experience)
Its been 4+ years now and things are going alright but sometimes seem routine. I love her with all my heart and we enjoy watching movies, listening to hip hop, Maroon Five and other pop songs. The other day we went to watch Jay Sean. I really like her and wish there was something exciting we could do together.

But hey, its the season of Lent (40 days of fasting and abstinence) and we are keeping ourselves sober minded for now. Hopefully after Easter we can do some exciting things. What do you do with your crush. I need some tips too. lol
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