Sweet love quotes for him

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When I rest my head rests on your heart, every heart beat tells me that you are in love with me. Every moment makes me fall deeper in love with your heart.

I wonder how you do this...you've latched my mind onto you and everything you do seems so right. You are the best human in my life right now and I mean what I just said.

Even if its a shot in the dark I would still take it if it means living with you for a thousand years. You are so much fun to be with and I enjoy every moment spent with you.

I feel great when we share jokes and laugh out loud. Those are memories that will make me happy for a long long time. I like everything about you. You're simply beautiful in my eyes.

No matter which season it is, my life with you is always bright and happy. You make life seem like a big happy experience.

Your hands make me feel like they were made for me. Your voice assures me that everything is going to be alright. Everything you do for me is just perfect and I can't ask for anything more than to stay in your heart forever.

Without you the world seems to be an empty place even when I am surrounded by people. Whats the point of people who don't matter. My heart is where you are and that is where I belong.

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