8 picture quotes about love

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Love has made me such a daydreamer. Everyday I think about you during class, while I'm at work and while traveling. You've made our space in my mind.

This is what I will always be in our relationship
no matter who or what happens in our lives. Loyalty and trust are qualities that are more precious than any other.
As long as we are together I can plough through any difficulty. All you need to do is promise me that you will stay.

Your love is the reason why I have so much excitement and happiness in my life. I feel so alive and everything in this world seems so much more beautiful.
There are different types of women. Some are emotional while others are logical. Don't get caught mistaking one for another or you may go through life in sadness.
We may fight and have our differences but I want you to know that you are very dear to me and I love you with all my heart and mind.
Life is a lot of fun when I have you by my side. Lets make the most of it every single day.
With you around me I am so chilled out. You make everything seem so cool that I don't care or get tensed about anything else. Thanks for coming in my life.

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