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To be honest, I could talk all day and all night about you and still have a million and one things left to say about you when the sun rises. But too many words lose meaning fast. So I will just stop at; you are the best and most wonderful person I have ever met and I cannot imagine living a life with you not in it. I love you.
~ Lucy

Right there in your arms, under the bright light of the full moon is where I want to be where nothing else in the world matters apart from you and me ~ Rachel

Without a doubt, each and every love story
is different and unique. But if I was to pick the best of all, I would choose ours a hundred times over. You are my world sweetie ~ Brianna

When I feel lonely and alone, you are my only hope and anchor. The one that I want to grow old with. I love you with every bit of me. ~ Kelly

No matter the distance between us, I will always love you, no matter how long I stay, I will always love you. Regardless of the words that I say, I will always love you. ~ Christie

Your nearness takes away my breath and all the things that I have to tell you do not find a voice. At that moment, in silence, all I can hope is that my eyes will speak what my mouth can't. ~ Bella

You are the very first and last thing that I think of each and every day. I miss you a lot when we are apart and when we are together, I just want the time to come to a halt and we live in that moment forever. ~ Susanne

You know you love someone when each and every time that you see them your heart skips a beat or sparks fly up in the air. You try and keep to yourself but all you seem to want to do is hold them in your arms. This is what I feel every time I am with you. So I guess the most logical reason is that I love you honey ~ Ann

I took time to think of how I could express the extent of my love for you. The only way I found to measure my love for you is by comparing it to the universe. ~ Claris

The day that I met you, my life took a U-turn.the feeling that you give me is unexplainable. You make me smile in a very special way and make me fall deeper and deeper in love every single day ~ Andrea

Each and every time we are apart, I try and swamp myself with work to help cope with the distance. But every time I pause, it is you that I am thinking of. ~ Rose

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