Heartbreak but still love you quotes

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1. I've had so many sleepless nights thinking about where I went wrong and I just can't make sense of it. I wish this never ended. I need you, please come back to me.

2. Its not beauty or money that I was looking for. I was looking and still look only at you. You are the diamond in my dark world and I will continue searching for you even when you hate me.

3. I wish I still had you with me
and I feel so bad that we lost this relationship. I learnt a lot of what I know about love from you and now I don't have you with me any longer it hurts really hard.

4. I don't know what did I do to deserve such harsh punishment that the love of my life cheated on me. I believed in love with all my heart but now I just feel so empty. Even then I am ready to forgive and let go.

5. When I dream at nights I still see your face and I live a little in those memories which were so dear to me. But when I wake up I remember the things you said and the things you've done. I wish you never did it.

6. I don't mind whatever your friends say about me because I don't think they know me. What matters most to me is that you are happy and that is all I need.

7. Even if I have to be the most hated person among the people you know I will still try my best. I love you very much and with ever passing day you will know more about it.

8. I try my best to keep a smile on my face and act like everything is alright. But deep inside I am dying away without your love. I don't want to let you go. Please return and I'll make everything as it was before.

9. The happiest day of my life was the day we fell in love and the saddest was when we drifted apart. Its hard to live in this world without your love. I'm not ashamed to say that I need you.

10. Just give me one more chance and I will show you how much I love you. I will change everything that is not right. Please don't leave me like this because even death is better than a life without you.

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