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Sometimes life may get hard and you may think that this is the end. But remember that somewhere someone cares for you and will be there for you in a heart beat.

A lot of people fall in and out of love but I am the type who can love you even when everyone leaves. If you need someone to care for you, it will be me.

Love is something that actions itself through people who care. You may not know how much I love you but you can see it by how much I care for you.

My love for you is true which is why I
will always care for you even if we are far from each other or don't belong together. You were and will always be an important part of my life.

Even if you mistakes and fall often I will be there to pick you up because those small things mean nothing but what we have for each other is what will last forever.

Many a times we differ in what we want from each other. But no matter what I care for you and will let you have your way because your happiness is the most important things to me.

Doesn't matter if we fought and said ugly things to each other. I don't really care about what you said to me, I care about this relationship that we share with each other.

Don't underestimate your problems. If you have one no matter how big or small just let me know and I will be there with a listening ear. After all what are lovers for?

To all your friends you may just be another ordinary person but to me you are the best person in my life. That is because I care for you and you have a special place in my heart.

We were friends before we fell in love and no matter how bad things may seem I will always care for you. That is what I learnt to do first and that is what I will do for you until my last breathe.

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