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Love was a commonly used word for me but I never really understood what it meant. Then one day I met you and I have understood it better now more than ever before.

Your love creates immense happiness in my heart. Only your love can touch my heart and soul. You reach a place no one has ever been before. I am a better person because of your love.

You are my friend when I’m sad. You always support me and believe in my dreams. I love you with every beat of my heart.

I do not want wealth neither riches.
All I desire is for you to love me more with each passing day. This is my true treasure and you mean everything to me

You comfort me when I am in trouble. I need you besides me every day. The warmth of your love
brightens me up and takes me to a place I've never seen before. You truly are my angel because when I’m with you I fell I’m in paradise.

They kept saying goodbye to each other but neither of them could leave. They found it hard to understand that not being able to leave itself is the meaning of love.

I could explain the meaning of love to you in several words but none of them would explain it better than the feeling that I have for you. I hope you feel the same way too.

It is more than just saying it or texting it a hundred times. Love is when you care for someone more than yourself. It is what you are ready to sacrifice your happiness for.

Its like how I feel when I'm listening to my favorite song only with the addition of several more happy feelings. Love is beautiful and there is nothing that can substitute it.

Every single kind thing that you do for me is a sign of love. Those times when you treat me like the most important part of your life, its love. In my dictionary, the word love is equal to your name.

I will always be looking for ways to make you happy. You are the princess that I have been waiting for. You give meaning to the word love in my life.

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