Loves desire quotes and sayings

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My heart burns with desire for you. I never thought I could love someone so deeply. I wish that I had found you sooner my love because you are totally worth it.
Like copy and paste, like salt and pepper, like peanut butter and jelly, somethings will always go together and that is you and me. I cannot figure out living my life away from you. I know for sure that no matter what changes you will be a constant in my life.

Loving you comes naturally
to me. I feel free and I know that I'm where I belong. Your love makes me feel lost and found together. Lost because I feel protected from the world and found because I know that with you I am at home.

Your love is my prescription and I need it daily. My condition gets serious each day and I need you to bring my heart ease. No one can ever take your place. You have stolen my heart and now I can never love another.

You are so perfect I feel I am dreaming. You are just like me and I cant believe how we compliment each other so well.  Just like we are opposite poles of a magnet when I am close to you I want to hug you ad never let you go.

It is been so long that we have been together and after all this time I'm certain you are the one for me. You are everything I need for the rest of my days. I used to be empty and broken before I met you but your love filled my heart and is it takes me to paradise. you have truly made my living worth-while.

Our love is like an elastic band. It can stretch to accommodate each other's personalities. But please don't ever let go else I will surely be heart. Let's hold on to what we have forever,

We have anniversaries, we have special dates but after all this time together what matters most is that our love renews each day. Each new day brings the same spark of love that first set our hearts on fire. You will always be my best friend in life.

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