Sweetest boyfriend quotes

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You are worth keeping for a lifetime. The way you speak to me and understand all my emotions is amazing.  You are my best friend and my soul mate. You fill a deep hollow in my heart and I will never let you go.

I still remember our first date.  You were by far the most honest and innocent person I've ever met. The beauty of your heart just drew me to you like a magnet.  And now that you love me too I will treasure you forever.

I have so many friends and
I have dated many people but no one had made me feel like you do.  I have been waiting for true love my whole life. You walked into my life as calmly as the breeze and now you're all that I want.  I can't even begin to figure out a life  without you.

My love, living with you is wonderful. I wish I could  have a second chance at life . I would like to spend all my moments with you. Just remember that I will always be by your side and you are always on my mind.  You will never be lonely another day with my love in your heart.

I do not want big words neither do I need rhymes. All I want is the warmth of your embrace reassuring me that we'll be in love forever.  Every time you reach out to touch me I know I'm loved. Your actions speak more than words. Let's hold on to our love forever.

As a rainbow appears after the rain, as day appears after night. So our love  renews after each fight. We are not prefect, we make mistakes but our love rests on a principle of give more than you take. There will be ups and downs and I'm willing to even ride a coaster, as long as I know that you will be with me till the end.

My life was such a mess before I met you. All I wanted was someone who would love me for who I am.  I tried to change myself to please others but nothing seemed to work. But when I found you I don't have to struggle at all.  I know for sure we are meant to be because with you everything seems so easy.

You are the one with whom I want to be with my whole life.  I cannot spend another minute without you.  Our long phone calls, our walks on the beach had got me so attached to you. I need you each day to know that everything is fine and that when everyone is gone you will still always be mine.

I know that you have been through a lot . I know you're scared of falling in love. But you can trust me for sure . I cannot stand the thought of you being upset and I will never hurt you. You can rely on me and know that your heart will never be broken. I will treasure you always.

If all my wishes would come true, all I would wish for is too be with you. You are at the center of my heart and I need you in my life. I could give up all others possessions but letting go of your love is  as good as death.  I need you to love me the same everyday of my life and I could give up anything to be with you forever.

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