Cute Romantic Quotes

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Your beauty, brightened face and lovely smile are something I will always admire but even if they fade with age I will always love you because I first fell in love with your sweet heart. ~ Mike Ferrari

Used to read about it in quotes, poems, song lyrics and movies. But love never really felt so real until you came into my life and made it better than dreams. ~ Diana Ross 

Hearts speak a language which can
only be understood with love. Love speaks a language which can only be understood by lovers. If you understand this – you have understood love.
~ Shannon Pink

I was reading a cute romantic story and my mind was thinking about you. Then the incredible thought hit me that true faithful lovers never start but are with each other all along – even before meeting.
~ Lain Caliper 

Speaking to you everyday and then meeting you and then holding you in my arms is all a part of my dreams. All my dreams have come true ever since I met you.
~ Jain Toronto

Every time I meet you, you make my life like the movies. I feel so special and happy and don’t even realize how clocks passes hours away. You are my real love and I will always keep you in my heart.
~ Peonage Earn

There is no place for anyone else to enter into my heart because the door is sealed with your arms around me. I cannot ask for anyone better than you in my life. Love you very much!
~ Natalie Bright

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